Tantra Soul-touch

This is energy medicine, an adventure of self-discovery & remembering 

Tantra massage is a holistic therapy that connects your vital areas into One. It is a journey to wholeness. It connects your mind to your body, your heart to your sex, your energy to your awareness and your being to the source of potential bliss. Through intention, conscious loving touch, meditative presence & relaxed concentration on awakening pleasure we create a sacred space where deep opening is possible, spontaneous healing can occur as well as possibilities of exploring your sensuality, sexuality, receptivity, acceptance. We may practice letting go of any particular experience and open to the present moment as it is. As we relax deeper, we can experience higher states of blissful beingness, balancing pleasure on the edge, recharging & revitalizing your whole energy system and nourish every level of your being. Tantra massage gives you the opportunity to go deep into yourself and to feel yourself from the inside. 

All that is asked of is that you make a concerted effort to feel and sense the actuality of the energy and sensation, being in a receptive state, breathing and being curious about your experience! it is ultimately about your journey of self-exploration, self-knowledge & wise cultivation of your sexual energy.  By surrendering to the experience you enter a potent, intuitive state, permitting the force of creation to flow through you, similar to how artists are moved.

Sexuality and spirit are intimately related.

Upon our meeting we may discuss your intention for your session, so you can better access that which is you're wanting, then you shower, lie down comfortably and let yourself be guided by my touch, "game rules", enjoying sensations in your body.

Look forward to an introductory ritual & different kind of strokes, caring & erotic touch, slow massage of intimate areas. 

 Seize the moment dedicated for your wellness! 

I celebrate you, dear awakening men and brave woman!




Simona has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Tantra trainings & seminars, Certification for regenerative & sport massage


My search for exploring tantra as a "sacred sexuality model" led me to travel to India and explore spirituality & deep philosophy behing tantra. I am bringing fresh & natural approach to this vital area.


Love-Life Coaching

Bring on topics on sexuality, thriving in relationships, keeping erotic flow, finding deeper meaning in life situations, realizing your greater potential, shame release and activation of your divine nature!

I am here to support you!


Teach me how to touch him/her"

Passion, pleasure, arousal.. are on high demand today. However, it is natural & healthy to recognize & nourish our bodies through conscious touch. I  offer you a session where I show you how to touch, heal, bond & satisfy your partner.

Reiki & Pranic Healing

Being curious about health & awareness of the body-energy system we all have led me to becoming practitioner of channeling universal healing energy through me. It is my source I rely on while practicing massage. 


Eating Psychology 

Body-mind nutrition & all about issues related to food, weight, body-image, metabolism & eating challenges. Yes, we can talk about this, too. 


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